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There are so many talks on vulnerability but what does it actually mean and how does it show up?

If you Google it, a whole range of meanings come up but ultimately it’s about being in touch with your authentic self and opening yourself for others to see.

Dr Brene Brown talks brilliantly about this and I highly recommend her books and TED talks.

I used to see vulnerability as being a sign of weakness.

Like most, I was taught to cover up my true feelings and ‘act’ as if everything was ok. I was better off and safer to ‘pretend’ that everything was hunky dory as opposed to showing my true feelings, as this would set me up for failure, criticism, rejection and getting hurt. So to avoid this pain, I learnt to wear many masks in all areas of my life and strived for perfection!

In my relationship, I would rather act as if I didn’t care than to actually express my hurt and love in fear of being rejected.

At work, I would rather struggle silently than to ask for help, in fear of looking weak and inadequate.

As a mother, I would rather act strong and in control of life in hope that my son never sees me as being fragile, weak and incapable.

But then I got tired…really tired.
I was tired of pretending I was ok when I was crying inside.
I was tired of hiding my ‘real self’ within the dark shadows.
I was tired of not truly being seen, heard and understood.

I asked myself the following:-

What would it take for me to step out into the light, unmask myself and reveal who I really am?

What if people didn’t like who I really am, then what?

But, then what if people prefer the real me, then what?

What are the possibilities that could come from me showing up as my authentic self?

So with a lot of courage and trust, I had to really dig deep and uncover my vulnerable side. I knew that becoming a life coach would mean I would have to put myself ‘out there’ on various platforms and be SEEN!

So here I am…

I now openly talk and walk my truth

And yes, this was as scary as hell at first!!

But the results have been amazing!

I feel freer to be me
I feel lighter
I feel more confident
I feel more loving and accepting of myself and others
I feel more connected with others

At work, I show up more ‘real’ for my colleagues and clients. I’m no longer afraid to ask for help when I feel overwhelmed. In my relationships, I am able to express myself more lovingly and share what’s ‘really’ going for me. This creates more intimacy and I’m left feeling heard, understood and cherished. As a mother, I’m a lot more open with my son and we share much deeper and meaningful conversations. I’m teaching my boy the importance of being in touch with his own emotions and that it’s safe to do so.

So now knowing what I know, by having the courage to remain vulnerable and open to the world, in doing so live a much happier and fulfilled life.

Imagine if you tapped into your vulnerability?

What possibilities could open up for you?

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