Sandy Baines

Who Is The ‘I’ Within You?

This is one of the hardest questions I have had to answer and certainly one we don’t get asked often enough.

So, when I asked myself ‘who am I’, I really struggled!

Of course, I came up with the obvious labels such as I am a loving mother to my Son, I am a strong businesswoman, a loving daughter, sister, aunt, friend etc. 

But actually who am I as Me, Myself and I?

Is the ‘I’ the voice in my head that narrates my every move in life and never shuts up, or is the ‘I’ the persona that everyone knows me as?

I have spent the last 15 years on an incredible journey to seek the answer. Along the way, I have felt lost many times and reinvented myself many times over (mainly to suit others) until I came to to an important realisation. The ‘I’ which I have been seeking high and low for is the DIVINE part of me that sits in my heart!

You see, I believe we are all vibrational beings that entered this world with an already ‘knowing’ of ourselves. I know that I was a ball of unconditional love that entered this world with no judgements, fears or expectations of myself or others. I grew month on month, year on year as a ray of sunshine (as my mother would often call me). Without question, I learnt how to eat, walk, talk and saw the world through the lens of LOVE!

So what changed?

As time went on, like most, I got into a conditional way of thinking where I began to question everything. Schools started to teach me their view of the world, my parents would teach me the way Indian girls should and shouldn’t behave and I started to compare myself to my others. The innocent part of me got replaced with judgement, the peace within me got replaced with anger and the love within me got replaced with discontentment.

The already ‘knowing’ part within me started to diminish, as I started to rely on seeking validation from the outside world as I no longer felt whole and complete.

You see, the ‘I’ never left me but I had forgotten it along the way.

So, knowing what I know now. I have the choice to return to the ‘I’ that serves me. I choose to unlearn and go back to a place of innocence and be the ‘ray of sunshine’ that entered this world.

Now I invite you to answer the question – Who is the ‘I’ within you?

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