Attention to all female professionals: please read every word on this page if you are wanting more balance, confidence & happiness in your life!

Free masterclass reveals: how to develop a positive mindset so that you can have a balanced & happier lifestyle, as a confident professional woman, even if you’re too busy & feeling overwhelmed!

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Sandy CoachInside this masterclass, I will be sharing my top secrets on ways you can change your mindset that will literally change your life for the better!

Here’s what you will learn:

How to develop a resilient mindset to cope with life pressures during these unprecedented times, even If you are lacking in confidence!

How to create more ‘ME’ time, even if you are too busy managing your work & home life!

How to feel happier and more confident within yourself, even if you’re suffering from imposter syndrome!

During these unprecedented times, hr professionals, such as you, have been working relentlessly looking after others & solving their problems that you forget to look after yourself!

Current times are still looking uncertain so it’s even more vital now that you take time out to reflect on your own wellbeing to ensure you’re operating at the best – your mental wellbeing is just as important as anyone else’s!

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    About Me – Sandy Phgura

    Like most of you, I set out in life with clear life goals. I got a good education. I had a very successful career where I was at the top of my game. I was a high earner which enabled a luxurious lifestyle. I got married, purchased our dream home and was then blessed with a healthy son.

    My life seemed perfect!

    Well, at least that’s what it looked like from the outside – the truth was there were so many times in my life when I felt lost, anxious & overwhelmed with negative emotions.

    I felt stuck on a hamster wheel going 100 miles an hour!

    In 2000, my house got struck by lightning. I lost everything!

    In 2005, Due to a lack of work/life balance, I experienced substantial career burnout which led to a long period of mental distress.

    In 2007, I had a distressing miscarriage after trying for a baby for 7 years.

    In 2009, I had laser corrective eye surgery that went terribly wrong. After losing 80% of my vision, I was rushed to Moorfields hospital where I was close to being declared blind. My son was seven months old at the time – I had to prepare myself to potentially never see his face again!

    In 2013, I finally worked up the courage to leave an abusive marriage after 19 years. This was followed by three years of acrimonious divorce proceedings.

    In 2015, I was diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis by my doctor. They told me that my life would never be “normal” again.

    As you can see above, I’ve faced my fair share of unforeseen hurdles.

    Despite hitting rock bottom many times, I always invested in the journey of self-development where I learnt the power of our thoughts and how this affects our emotions and behaviours. Each time I learnt new insights and wisdom, I was able to face the world with a whole new mindset and practices that would literally change my life!

    Six years on, I see myself as my strongest advocate as I stand here today living my best life!

    As a single mother, I run my own successful on-line coaching business where I have a much healthier work/life balance. I have 20/20 eye vision and have shown no symptoms of arthritis for three years – this is down to my resilient mindset and beliefs that anything is possible to overcome!

    I show up authentically with love, confidence and contentment. I fully trust that everything in life happens for a reason – it all depends on how you choose to perceive it!

    Having previously worked in recruitment for 20 years, 80% of my clients were HR professionals like you, so I’m very familiar with all the struggles and frustrations you have to deal with on a daily basis.

    I completely understand why being a professional woman can sometimes feel like a thankless task as you are pulled in so many directions!!

    You work crazy long hours whilst also taking care of the family needs at home. At times you have difficulty sleeping due to not being able to shut off work. This then leaves you feeling irritable, mentally and emotionally exhausted which has a knock-on effect on your overall productivity!

    As you climb the ladder of success, the pressures slowly start to compound, you feel like you’re losing control of everything, the self-doubt starts to creep and suddenly life becomes so serious that you forget how to laugh!

    Finally, create the life you want and deserve!!

    Just add your name and email address to join the exclusive Facebook group instantly!