Do You Know What You Want In Life?

I thought I knew what I wanted and worked very hard to get it, but I was still left feeling unfulfilled!

I got a job that paid me loads of money, the family of my dreams, the large detached house, the convertible sports car, designer handbags and the luxury 5* holidays.

But At What Cost?

You see, from the outside, it looked like I was living the dream but in reality, I had completely lost myself in the process.

I overworked myself in my job to sustain the highly successful reputation that I had built for myself which led to me having a burnout and a mental breakdown. Also, I was in a long term marriage where I felt unloved and unworthy and spent so much of my time trying to ‘fix’ it that I made myself ill.

I lived in a large fancy home where at times it felt empty and soulless.

Life suddenly felt like:-
Stale air instead of fresh air
Struggle instead of fun
Effort instead of ease
Stagnant instead of flowing
Confusion instead of clarity

Does This Feel Familiar To You?

I owed it to myself to change things.

I got myself a Life Coach and was able to re-define what success and happiness looked like. I gained clarity on what I really wanted in life. This enabled me to transform my life for the better!

As I got back in tune with myself, I started to get an exhilarating feeling as I leapt into endless possibilities with no sense of insecurities. I suddenly ‘trusted’ my inner self to do right by me and I no longer felt the need to prove my worth to anyone.

Now, I no longer work silly hours and still do a job I love, I’m no longer in a toxic marriage, feel free to be me and I am in a much better state of health. I live in a beautiful cosy home with my boy where I feel happy, content and fulfilled!

I invite you to reflect on your life as it is now and ask yourself – What do you want that you don’t already have?

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